Holographic Algebra, Mathematical Ontology, Ontological Mathematics

Holographic Algebra: Locating the Mind

Collectively we are the playwrites,

mistakingly thinking that we are players

on the world stage.

We are the mathematical code

that creates the very games that we play.


(Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander) Asking “Where is the Mind?” may supply misleading answers. Instead we might ask “What is the Mind?”. The second question will more likely lead us to the truth if we are persistent. The answer is that mind is everywhere because it is nowhere.

Mind is not located in the physical world that we identify with as space, time, and matter. Mind does not have a location as such, because Mind is timeless, dimensionless, nonphysical reality.

These questions are important to my selected calling in life since I have chosen to identify as a Clinical Hypnotist and Metaphysical Scientist. I retain these identities all the while changing the nature of what it means practice these disciplines by gradually working towards realizing the Truth of existence.

The Sonic Mystery of Pythagoras – Hypnosis / Meditation Music

You may wonder why learning or understanding any of this is important. I have wondered the same thing also. My conclusion has arrived to my awareness through practice. I know that a greater understanding of what actually is true becomes represented in the services that I provide for my clients. Everything that I realize competence in becomes manifest in all of my offerings moving forward from the point of initiation in the knowledge.

More plainly said, the more true the source of my understanding, the better my services are for anyone who receives them.

Before discovering Ontological Mathematics, I had already decided that a mathematical mind was the key to understanding all that I would need to be the best at what I do. Some traces of this can be found in my previously published contemplations as found in the following quote.

This acronym now abbreviates the words Mathematical, Experimental, Theoretical and Applied – M.E.T.A.. So in my world, the word is M.E.T.A.-Physics and represents Mathematical, Experimental, Theoretical and Applied Physics; four major branches of physics.

M.E.T.A.-Physics: The Reality of Royalty; HABA 2013 on HypnoAthletics.com

It was actually very logical for me to come to this conclusion from my interest in the physical sciences. I simply worked “backwards” from eternity “down” to nothingness by thinking of it this way. The Universe > galaxies > stars > planets > organisms > chemistry > physics > mathematics. I understood that I could do no physics without mathematics, and it very naturally occurred to me that math is the master of all the physical sciences. And how is it that we do math? With our minds of course.

The unprecedented intellectual leap that humanity must make is to conceive of reality as mathematical rather than religious, spiritual, philosophical, metaphysical or physical (Scientific).”

The Holographic Soul by Mike Hockney

Even though many of my previous conclusions were based on extremely flawed premises and mystical beliefs, I retain the working titles of Hypnotist and Metaphysician. What has changed is how I deploy transformative therapies using these titles. I am infinitely more effective by working with the Truth as the foundation for my services.

I once was lost but now I’m found; was blind but now I see.

I think I was really on to this kind of thinking when I coined the phrase “Holographic Algebra” as can be found in my publication “Scientific Numerology Powered by Hypnotic Suggestion“. However, it hasn’t been until recently that I found the missing link to completing my knowledge set when I discovered Ontological Mathematics.

I’ve recently added two more books to my collection, The Birth of Ontological Mathematics by Jack Tanner and The Book of Mind by Dr. Thomas Stark. I am very immersed in The Book of Mind because it addresses the mathematics and elucidates of the inner workings of some of the mental experiences that I have including lucid dreaming, astral projection, and clairvoyance amongst others.

I have most recently written about lucid dreaming in “Lucid Dreaming and the Illusion of Death“. Although not yet tempered with the understanding I am earning through the study and research of Ontological Mathematics, it reinforces my understanding that I have been on to something more deeply at the ground of existence.

If you would like an initiation into one process I use to aid in lucid dreaming, I recently created the following self-hypnosis exercise for that purpose. “The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming“.

I am working hard to work out the details of what implications ontological mathematics will have on my practice. This is the place for me to begin and discover how I can do some good in the world by teasing out the practicality for my use in helping others to raise their consciousness while in this material world.

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