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Mathematical Ontology

(Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander) Late in 2020 I discovered what is called “Ontological Mathematics“. While studying for my degree with University of Metaphysical Sciences online, I came across a video that strongly criticized Christianity. It was presented by a peculiar being simply named “Morgue“.

Morgue created a movement called Hyperianism which is based on Ontological Mathematics. I was glad to find the information about this system because it is something I was already looking for. I had previously used the prefix Meta- from Metaphysics to create an acronym.

This acronym now abbreviates the words Mathematical, Experimental, Theoretical and Applied – M.E.T.A.. So in my world, the word is M.E.T.A.-Physics and represents Mathematical, Experimental, Theoretical and Applied Physics; four major branches of physics.

Originally published January 3rd, 2013

M.E.T.A.-Physics: The Reality of Royalty – Unlocking The Secrets Of Thought (

Although it is gibberish compared to how far Ontological Mathematics has progressed, I am satisfied that I have found something to move me further along my path of evolution.

In any case, I have not ever been as good with math as I would like to be, but this new perspective has provided me with a great deal of inspiration to understand it much better from this very specific use of mathematics.

This blog site will be used as a notebook to document my progress in understanding Ontological mathematics. If you are also interested, you can begin with these very easy to follow videos in the series “Introduction to Ontological Mathematics.