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Researching “Ontological Mathematics” by Mike Hockney

(Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander) Just yesterday, I purchased the book “Ontological Mathematics: How to Create the Universe” by Mike Hockney from It is book 32 out of a collection of 32 books collectively known as “The God Series“. I started with this one because I am very specifically fascinated with the subject of Ontological Mathematics.

Although I am thoroughly enjoying it, I can already see that this book is definitely not for everyone. I observe people taking offense to the opinions of others very poorly quite often. I can imagine how much they would be offended by learning about something new that flies in the face of almost everything they think they know.

Most people don’t like the Truth. They want the truth to be anything they choose it to be. Only the special people seek the Truth that never changes, the Truth that no one chooses but always remains itself – perfect and immutable forever.”

From About the Author section for “Mike Hockney”

With this book in hand, my posts here will undoubtedly be heavily influenced by what I read. This is actually my goal. I want to come to understand this material as completely as I can. With this purpose, I will do my best to represent my comprehension as clearly as possible, while also including any confusion or disagreements that I may have.

One of my objectives is to be able to understand the mathematics so completely that I can easily and clearly explain the concepts verbally without the use of equations so that the knowledge is accessible to anyone. In my own experience, I have been able to perform mathematical operations with greater power after I have understood conceptually through words what the equations are associated with in other realms of my understanding.

I was able to understand another book called “Ontological Mathematics: The Science of the Future” by Morgue so much better because I saw a set of videos explaining the concepts first.

* Listen to the guided meditation: “Paradigm Shift Away From Materialism“.

The ground of existence is a set of perfect, eternal, mathematical circles, which corresponds to a set of perfect, eternal, mathematical sines and cosines. These are none other than the basis frequencies of ontological Fourier mathematics.”

Circles of Eternity” section in Ontological Mathematics

Ontological Mathematics seems to be the missing link to understanding how all things are connected. When the fundamental truths from philosophy, science, and psychology are distilled with reason and synthesized with logic; you have a complete metaphysical science. This is the kind of knowledge that is so needed to create real change in ourselves and the world.